Basic Computer Skills Certification with Next Step

With the objective of raising digital competence standards in the workforce and society, Next Step Association offers opportunities for people not only to develop their basic computer skills, but also to have their competence in the use of computers and digital tools recognized officially.

Participants of Next Step’s evening courses can learn about the essentials of general computer usage, online communication, common word processing tasks, using spreadsheets, working with presentation software, cyber security, and using databases. The classes run online and for free for selected applicants. In general one course of 4-7 topics (modules) is organized on a yearly basis. Sign up to our mailing list at the bottom our front page so that you don’t miss the application deadline for our next course! For more information please contact our team via!

To those who actively participate in the lessons of a basic computer skills course, Next Step offers the opportunity to take exams in the concluded modules and get certified by ICDL, an international organization of globally-recognized standard. The ICDL certification system is:

For more information on ICDL please click here! We are extremely grateful to the John von Neumann Computer Society of Hungary for having awarded the title of ‘ICDL Examination Centre’ to Next Step Hungary Association! The first exam of each module is free for Next Step students. The head of our ICDL examination program is dr. Attila Pusztai. In order to get in touch with him, please reach out to our team via!

The basic computer skills courses and the ICDL module exams are funded by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). This precious support makes it possible to provide basic computer skills for Next Step beneficiaries for free.

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