Born as a personal project in the early 2000s and formalized in 2009, Next Step Hungary Association is the only refugee-led NGO providing practical, cost-effective interventions to support integration in Hungary.

Next Step offers over 100 places per year in training courses and workshops, and has reached over 3000 people through other activities since 2009. Our members and former course participants remain highly engaged with our work, many returning to volunteer as instructors or contribute their time to the running of activities and office operations. Our beneficiaries represent over 24 different countries from around the world.

Known for ten years under its original name of Migrants’ Help Hungary Association (MigHelp), in 2019 the organization made the official change to the name Next Step. Our new name more directly reflects our mission to empower people through job-market skills and community building to take the next step in their education, career, and personal life.


The mission of Next Step Hungary Association is to engage with and support disadvantaged and vulnerable people — thus particularly but not exclusively third country nationals — through solution-oriented approaches that prioritize empowering people through job market skills, community building, and social inclusion.


Labor Market Integration

Vulnerable groups in Hungary need job-related skills and credentials that are relevant to the local labor market. Next Step offers vocational, technical, and practical job-related training courses in high-demand skills. Read more about our labor market integration programs.

Community Building

Inclusion and integration is a two-way process, requiring active engagement on both sides. Programs that bring Hungarians and foreigners together on a cooperative basis help build the personal and social ties that create social cohesion and promote integration. Read more about our community building activities.

Social Inclusion and Empowerment

Next Step offers workshops, guidance, and targeted activities that help people feel empowered to control their own destiny and claim their rights. Read more about our empowerment and inclusion activities.

As an integral part of our inclusion and empowerment goals, Next Step’s programs help parents support their children’s learning and development. Read more about our educational and enrichment activities for children.


Next Step’s vision is of a fair and inclusive society, in which people regardless of their ethnic background thrive in an inclusive society, with access to adequate education; stable, well-paid work of their choice; decent, affordable housing, and a shared sense of belonging to a community.


  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Equality
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Respect