ECDL is a life changing course. Today I am working in a customer service multinational company because of my ECDL SKILL.
Morimo, Cameroon

“I have learned a lot about Microsoft Office through Mighelp course and I am sure that with this I can find a good job easier.”
Iman, Iran

“I knew nothing about computer programme before I joined ECDL course in refugee camp but today I am helping to teach my friends. I am grateful to MigHelp. I was afraid of choosing a career,but studying at MigHelp computers has helped me make that decision .Now I am going for the MigHelp computer programming course. I am grateful”
Hussein, Afghanistan

“This course has helped me to integrate more easily into the Hungarian society. The web design course at MigHelp’s McDaniel College has helped me to design my first website. That was not all, today I am proud to say that I will soon complete my first degree in computer science throgh the scholarship offered to me by MigHelp, my whole life has been transformed by MigHelp. God bless the founders of this organization and its supporters”.
Ekale, Cameroon

I thought I knew a lot about computer but when I got to ECDL, course I realized that I knew very little. After ECDL I am much better and confidence at my work.
Samira, Iran

”When I came to Hungary 5 years ago my colleague was helping me prepare my presentation because I didn’t know how to use the Microsoft power point programme, but today,after attending MigHelp computer school, I am the one teaching other friends how to use Power point and other Ms office programs.
I am so grateful to MigHelp. I’m happy to shout ’LONG LIVE MigHelp’”
Sarah, student