Mission & Goals

– Mission
Our mission is to engage with and support refugees and migrants through a solution-oriented approach of promoting employability and community integration. To train and facilitate the employment so that they can become positive contributing participants in the society.

– Goals
The ultimate goal of MigHelp is to identify the pressing needs faced by the most vulnerable refugees and other migrants in Hungary. We strive to find practical and immediate solutions to address those needs. Developing appropriate refugee and migrant integration activities are crucial in Hungary and entire Europe at this time. At MigHelp, we look for sustainable solutions for securing adequate housing and employment in Hungary for the people we work with.

In order to achieve its goals, Mighelp, in 2010 launched a computer skills center in Bicske refugee camp, in Hungary with the help of computers and other equipment donated by the embassies of the United states, Canada, Denmark,the Netherlands, African Hungarian Union and Sweden.

The training center in Bicske is accredited by the Hungarian international branch of John Von Neumann Computer Society (ECDL Foundation, Hungary). The ECDL office not only accredited the refugee center for free, it also promised free voucher to 20 refugees and vulnerable migrants yearly. This means that 20 refugees can gain ECDL certification without paying the fee, in as much as they successfully pass the exam. So far 45 refugees and other immigrants have successfully gained the free ECDL certification and more are currently on the ECDL program. This has been a great empowerment to the refugees in Hungary. There are currently more than 15 people under going the ECDL course.

Apart from the ECDL training course, many other refugees and migrants have attended and continue to attend the web design, web programming and data management training course organized by MigHelp. In total, over 100 migrants and refugees have gone through various MigHelp training courses.

In 2011, a successful computer skills training program sponsored by the Open Society Institute (OSI), was carried out in Bicske refugee camp where most of the refugee participants who completed their ECDL training moved to the Advanced level Informatic Course in Budapest also offered by MigHelp.

In the same year (2011), Mighelp and McDaniel College, an American college on Bethlen Gábor square 2, Budapest, developed an advanced, job-based, practical IT course. This course is on-going and has been so far very successful. Twenty two out of 50 migrants have been successfully trained through the web design course, among those trained who are still in the country is Mr Mboh Ekale who started up as a volunteer web design before joining the university of ELTE with the help of MigHelp scholarship project. To date Elkale has continued to encourage and instruct small business owners on how to manage own website.

MigHelp and its partner McDaniel college started the web design project with no financial support but , McDaniel college knowing the important of the project to refugees and unemployed migrants, accepted to kick-start the program while we search for fund. Before long the ERSTE Foundation became the first to support the program and now it’s sponsored by the European Integration Fund and we can see how grateful the participants for being offered such great opportunity. There are 15 people currently in the web design training course.

In 2012, Mighelp in cooperation with Avicenna international college established the first Migrant’s Computer Skills Development Centre in Budapest with the help of equipment donation from the office of United Nations High Commission for Refugee (UNHCR).
We feel that this centre is important because many refugees/migrants move to Budapest city in search of jobs with little or no job skills or basic computer skills. Since the news of the new computer centre spread around the city many migrants have joined in the training, part of which is now sponsored by the European Integration Fund.

In 2012, at MigHelp we developed a new project which has become known as ‘ONE SEAT PROJECT’. This is an Education project aimed to secure a free seat in every university in Hungary for the less privileged migrants and refugees. This will give refugees/disadvantaged migrants the opportunity to study for university degree on a scholarship. This is a life changing project. So far four universities in Budapest have each offered a place to the refugees/migrants base on the MigHelp’s ONE SEAT PROJECT. We now have four places in four different universities to accept refugees/migrants for a degree program.

In 2013, we had the first refugee in one of the best universities in Hungary. Mr Mboh Ekale is now doing his first degree in computer science at the Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest, ELTE. Mr Mboh has struggled for more than ten years to get himself educated with no success but at last with the help of ONE SEAT PROJECT, he is on the road to transforming his life forever and bringing hope to other refugees and migrants.

In 2014, MigHelp has for the first time launched its computer coding training skill in Budapest tittle ’WHYCODE’. WHYCODE will run a 3 Month basic coding course in different coding languages before carrying out a longer and advance coding project.

– Our Values

– Guiding Principals
✓ To treat everyone with respect
✓ We will work together to strengthen communities recognizing the value
of participation and collaboration.
✓ We empower refugees and migrants by promoting self-sufficiency.
✓ We are accountable to our members (clients) and stake holders
✓ We respond to new ideas and emerging needs.