A MIGHelpről

The History of MigHelp.

In 2001 James Peter, a refugee from a West African country, was at the refugee camp in Debrecen when there was a near riot stemming from a conflict between Muslims and Christians. Police were called in to help, Refugees were relocated. It occurred to Mr. Peter that it would be worthwhile for refugees to learn conflict resolution skills. Pursuing this idea, in 2007 he made the acquaintance of an experienced Non-Violence Communication trainer who offered her services pro bono to the refugees.
At this point there was no dream of any entity that was going to be called MigHelp.

A series of training was held, some in Budapest, some at the Bicske refugee camp. The response was enthusiastic, but it was clear that the participants had other pressing needs — for job training skills, lack of language skills, lack of a proper integration strategy as well as information to help them assimilate into Hungary, their new home.

A group of migrants led by Mr Peter, began to figure out a way to address some of the most important needs of the refugees, it finally became clear to Peter and his team that without the creation of a legal entity such as, a non-profit organization, getting financial support to run job training for refugees could be impossible.

This led to the formation of MigHelp in September 2009. It is now registered as a Public Benefit NGO. There is a small but committed group of supporters who are Hungarian, American and African, and we are eager to see this effort come to fruition.

MigHelp remains the first and only organization to establish accredited European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) training centre in a refugee camp in the country and the only organization to establish an informatics skill development centre for migrants and refugees in Hungary.

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