1% donation

1% campaign
Choose MIGHelp to receive your 1% 2018 tax donation!
deadline: 22 May 2018

Magyarul az oldal itt található.

What is the 1% donation
If you pay income tax in Hungary there is a possibility to donate 1% of your income tax yearly to a running non-profit or religious organisation. The process is simple, easy and confidential and allows you to contribute to the organisation in a big way, that is of no financial cost to you.

How to donate?
In order to submit your returns electronically, either while you are filling your tax returns out or individually, use the Ügyfélkapu website and make sure to submit your request before 22 May 2018.

Postal cheque
For those who do not have access to the Ügyfélkapu system they can also send their donations through a postal cheque

Enclose your 1% declaration in a sealed 16cm x 11.5 cm envelope. On one side please write your name, your address, tax number on the front of the envelope. Then after closing the envelope please sign your name along the seal of the envelope and put the smaller envelope in along with your other tax documents and into a bigger envelope and mail it directly to your local NAV (tax authority) office. You can also send the 1% declaration without the other tax documents the same process applies. Make sure to file in the documents and send them in before 22 May 2018.

Important data
You will need to following data in order for the donation to be correctly applied to MIGHelp:
Our official name: Migráns Segítség Magyarország Egyesület
Our tax number: 18267770-1-43

» Download the 1% declaration form (.pdf). (MigHelp’s tax information has already been entered for you.)

For more help filling out the form, download an example form with translation. (Do not send this form – ONLY the HUNGARIAN version is valid!)

What does our organisation do?
Migrants’ Help Association of Hungary (MigHelp) is an NGO that supports refugees and migrants by promoting employability and community integration. This is achieved through training courses that aim to give migrants the skills and confidence necessary for their labour market integration. This training comes in the form of computer skills, language skills (Hungarian, English and German), Child and Elderly care courses, basket weaving courses among others.

How are we planning to use the donations?
Donating 1% of your tax can help us tremendously and give us the means to pay for teachers, give the opportunity for migrants to take ECDL (European Computer Driver’ Licence) course, buy the necessary material needed to run the classes.

Mighelp is grateful for every donation that helps us carry out our mission.
For you 1% might seem small but for us every forint counts!

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