Kenyan Day

Next Step Hungary welcomes guest to attend our next community event about Kenya. As coronavirus restrictions are easing, this is a great opportunity for us to come together in a park and hear about the Kenyan culture, food, agriculture, business and investment opportunities, law, youth opportunities and more.


About the event

On the day, you will have the opportunity to come together and listen to a series of interesting talks about Kenya and try some of their special dishes. The event is also connected to Madaraka Day, commemorating Kenya’s establishment as a self-governing country on the 1st of June 1963. After the event, there will be opportunities to stay in the park, talk to each other and socialize. Something we are sure you all have been waiting for!


Even though the coronavirus restrictions are easing, we would still like to encourage everyone to take care and protect the health of each other.

  • Saturday, 05th June, 2021
  • Budapest, Hungary.