Our project, ‘Job and Integration-IT courses for migrants’ has been a success!

Migrant’s Help Association, MigHelp, with its partner and service provider ControllTraining KFT has successfully completed a 10 Month basic and advance computer skills training project supported by the European Integration Fund. Two trainings were available for the participants, at two locations: an accredited 7-month course in European Computer Driving Licence (196 lessons)for beginners in Avicenna College and an advanced 6-month web-programming course for migrants with basic computer skills (210 lessons) in McDaniel College.


The project started in November 2013 and finished in August 2014.

There were altogether 30 migrants who participated in the two trainings. The ECDL-course consisted of 7 modules (IT-security, Access and others), while the participants of the web-programming course had the opportunity to learn about MySQL, PHP, adobe Dreamweaver and other web-programming tools. Altogether 23 students successfully completed the courses and passed the exams. Twelve participants received their European Computer Driving Licence while eleven were certified by ControllTraining.

On 28 August we had a successful project-closing event attended by about 100 people. This event was also the graduation ceremony where students received their certificates and gave their testimonies alongside other speakers from Mighelp, Avicenna and McDaniel Colleges.

MigHelp would like to thank all its friends and supporters for all their support and a special thanks to the European Integration Fund for making funds available for the development and integration of migrants into Hungarian society.

more photos on MigHelp’s Facebook photo album.

James Peter, Dir of MigHelp

James Peter, Dir of MigHelp