Current Courses

Last summer’s crisis stirred a sympathetic response from many, MigHelp included. MigHelp wants to call to everyone’s attention the fact that hard-working migrants and refugees are struggling every day to find ways to integrate into and contribute to Hungarian and European society.

With that in mind, MigHelp is happy to announce it currently has the following courses up and running:

Language Courses
– German (Beginner and intermediate)
– Hungarian (Beginner and Intermediate)
– French (Beginner)
– Spanish (Beginner)
– English (Pre-intermediate/Intermediate)

IT courses
– JavaScript
– MySql (Database)
– CMS (Content Management System)

These courses are taught by a group of committed Volunteers who sacrifice their time and energy to bring about changes in the lives of those in despair. They impact knowledge to those who have no means to afford, those who have lost hope, those who have been broken down by wars, conflicts and other forms of inhumane treatment.
MigHelp welcomes, with open arms, volunteers who wish to champion this course.