European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL)

ECDL was the very first course MigHelp started with in 2010 and MigHelp remains the first and only migrant/refugee organization with accredited ECDL center in a refugee camp.

ECDL offers great opportunity to migrants and refugees who have little or no computer skills. Those who successfully pass 7 modules of ECDL receive international certification. MIGHelp’s partnership with ECDL Hungary has made invaluable impact on over 150 refugees and migrants.
Thanks to Bea Szedlmayer and Alföldi István from ECDL Hungary for their continues support to refugees and Migrants in Hungary
Thanks to Dr Pusztai Attila, our internationally certified ECDL teacher.

In 2013-2014 thanks to the EU’s Integration Fund 23 migrants completed ECDL-training and other web development class.
In 2016 MigHelp launched its project called ‘MigHelp’s labour market competence training and migrant career-centre’ co-founded by The Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) of the European Union. Within this project 19 refugees and migrants successfully completed ECDL- training.

In September 2017 MigHelp is organizing another ECDL- training for migrants and refugees in its new AMIF project called ‘Training Alternatives in the Hope of Marketable Knowledge and Jobs’. The application for this training is now open:

MigHelp ECDL Centers:
– Avicenna International College
Budapest H-1089, Orczy Ut 3-5

– MigHelp Skills Development Center
Budapest 1092, Raday Utca 9.

For application, please contact us at