Childcare / Family Day Care

This course was launched in 2016 mainly for unemployed refugee/migrants as a part MigHelp’s project called ‘MigHelp’s labour market competence training and migrant career-centre’ co-founded by The Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) of the European Union.
Twenty migrant women successfully completed the training and acquired child care skills.
This course included how to run a Family Day Care business, which is especially important for those women who want to be self-employed and an entrepreneur.

MIGHelp has been working with Centroszet, a professional Hungarian Childcare and Family Day Care Training Company,

We are planning to run other Child Care and Family Day Care trainings in the future.

Training Center:
-MIGHelp Skills Development Center
Budapest 1092, Raday Utca 9.

For application, please contact us at