Invitation to participate in Next Step’s Capacity Building and Small Grants Program

Next Step Hungary Association is pleased to invite you to take part in the NGO Capacity Building and Small Grants Program. The program is supported by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and it is open to grassroots, community-led organisations working to improve the situation of refugees, asylum-seekers, stateless persons living in Hungary.

The Program consists of three parts:

  1. Capacity building and learning opportunity.
  2. Next Step’s Small Grant Program.
  3. Mentoring and support with project implementation.

The following organizations and groups are eligible to apply to take part in the program:

  • New or starting NGOs that have been registered recently.
  • Groups or communities that have been active.

You can find more details about the call in the attached PDF document: 
Call for Next Step’s capacity building and small grants program

Application form: You can access it HERE.

Application deadline: 30 April, 2023

Update: The application for the Program is now closed. 


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What will the application form be like? Can it be saved while filling it?

A: The application form is a simple Google Form which is easy to use. You can access it HERE. If you should have any difficulty filling it out, please contact us at

Q: Can one person represent the organization in the training sessions or is it necessary to have two people?

A: The workshop sessions and the entire program are design as a learning process for the participating organizations. The more people participate, the greater the knowledge gain. However, this may not be feasible for the organization’s members and also, the exact number of training participants may also limit how many people can attend. In sum, there should be at least one person per organization taking part in the training workshops but if circumstances allow, then two people will also be welcome.

Q: Is it possible to prolong the end of the project implementation (which is the end of November), for example in the case of a school project? Must all projects be finished by the end of November?

A:  There is a bit of flexibility in the end date of the project completion but not very much because of the reporting requirements Next Step has to meet in early January. The project implementing teams should stick to the end of November as the end date as much as possible but if it is absolutely not feasible, in some exceptional cases there can be an agreement about a short extension with very clear guidelines related to reporting.

Q: What will the mentoring be like?

A: Mentoring will be provided for the organizations that receive financial support for their projects in the Small Grant Program. It will include a crash course on project management at the beginning of the project implementation. Later on there will be a dedicated resource person from Next Step who will support the implementation of the projects in a way that is tailored to the needs and specificities of the project (some areas that may be covered: financial management, motivating volunteers, time management, community building etc.). The exact structure of the mentoring (e.g. how and when to meet with the mentors) will be agreed upon with the participating organizations. The mentors’ role will be to support the successful implementation of the projects.

Q: What time will the workshops take place on Saturdays? Is there any flexibility in the planned time/date of the training sessions? 

A: We will try to take into consideration participants’ availability and finalize the times and days of the training workshops based on that. We will be in touch with the applicant organizations about this.

Q: How many projects will be supported in the framework of the Small Grants Program? 

A: There is no fixed number for this. The total budget for the grants is 3 million forints, so this is the amount that will be distributed among the winning teams. The maximum amount of one grant can be 1.5 million. If project proposals are for smaller activities and thus smaller funding, then there can be several grants.


We hope to welcome you in Next Step’s new Capacity Building & Small Grants Program!